Surme Cam Balcony

Surme Cam Balcony


Bursa Sliding Glass Balcony Without Threshold


Bursa Thresholdless Sliding Glass Balcony systems can be applied as windows and doors in various combinations with 8mm, 10 mm and double glazing systems.

Sliding Glass Balcony Systems without Threshold are especially preferred in Restaurants and Living Room Partition applications. Since the rail height at the bottom is 8m, it prevents foot snagging. Its height is maximum 2500 mm outdoors, indoors; It can be produced as 3000 mm in places.

Sliding to beautify environments such as cafes, restaurants, bars, patisseries, restaurants and create a decent environment; glass  systems have become common in a short time. is a system.

Restrictions in space, unwanted image; and eliminates the loss of space. It offers spacious and modern environments. Wind, rain, snow, dust, etc. Provides protection from external effects in adverse weather conditions.

Thanks to the possibility of sliding in the desired direction when desired, it offers spacious and wide environments for display and use. It is completely interior thanks to its sliding wings. and provides integrity between outdoor spaces. Thanks to the 8-10 mm tempered glass used for this system, complete security is provided.

No Threshold Sliding Glass Balcony Technical Features

  • Sliding System (Sliding Glass System) As the name suggests, the rails on the frame and the glass on these rails move horizontally to the balcony, interior; It does not cause narrowing in spaces. In addition, in this system, "threshold"; does not exist; This is useful in that it ensures that the system is completely flush with the ground on which it is applied.
  • The number of blades can be applied as desired in the Threshold Sliding System.
  • The technical structure of our Threshold Sliding series System is suitable for the use of both 8mm and 10mm tempered single glass and laminated glass. Since it is impact resistant tempered glass, it does not pose a danger in case of breakage.
  • It preserves the balcony area in narrow balconies. It does not interfere with the entrance/exit points to the balcony.
  • Works easily and silently thanks to the bearings used in its lower parts.
  • The Intermediate (Çextrusion) Covers and Glasses used in the wings are collected to the desired location.
  • With our 8mm and 10mm Aluminum Wicks, whose patent belongs to Kanaat Aluminum, the yellowing problem has been eliminated. In addition, due to the durable structure of Aluminum Wicks, maximum impermeability has been achieved against heavy wind, heavy rain and burning sun rays. Our Patented Aluminum Wicks are covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • The system has a wide case model. It can be easily applied in cases where the balcony parapet does not meet the ceiling. Case mergers 45º without cutting 90º cut off.
  • Turn is achieved by means of PVC wedges. Thanks to these features, it provides benefits such as waste, reference and also helps to evacuate water.
  • Load on the system; Provides 2 bearings at the bottom and 2 wheels at the top.
  • With its various color and model options, it adapts to different places and spaces.
  • No material to corrode is used in the system.
  • Plastic Cover has been applied to the open parts of the Aluminum Profiles.
  • Glass profile connection is provided by mechanical connection. It never sags.
  • It enables easy manufacturing and assembly thanks to the Corner Turning Apparatus.
  • All kinds of facilities such as Winter Garden, Showcase, Office Partitions, Cafe, Hotel and Restaurant; It is optionally applied in closing the fields.