Heat Insulated Folding System

Heat Insulated Folding System


In order to increase the usability of balconies and terraces and to have the opportunity to use your balcony for comfort in every season of the year, we offer decorativeness and comfort to your living spaces in our Sera Aluminum Bursa folding glass balcony service! Providing 55% more thermal insulation with the Cooplas Glass option, it warms your purse with energy saving. 


The best solution is undoubtedly folding glass balcony or other glass balcony to use the balconies, which are among the alternative living spaces, in summer and winter months. çequals. In order to keep your room open to the balcony warmer, especially in cold and rainy weather conditions during the winter months, and to have a pleasant time on your balcony during the winter months, we recommend that you prefer glass balcony types, which are produced from 1st class material quality. öwe recommend. At the same time, in order to be protected against adverse conditions that may come from outside in winter in hot weather or to spend time comfortably on the balcony by cutting off the daylight, again glass balcony models  are preferred.

Sera Aluminum Bursa Folding Glass Balcony Service

Sera Aluminum Bursa, which has many years of experience, is the most preferred glass balcony applicator of Bursa, due to our expert assembly personnel and the first class material quality we use in our folding glass balcony service. >  we are proud to be! With our 100% customer satisfaction principle, we do not compromise on the quality of our products, and we continue our activities by adding innovations to the glass balcony sector by never sacrificing the installation service provided by our staff.

Also, compared to the market folding glass balcony prices  and thanks to the flexible payment options we offer, we organize periodic campaigns to ensure that there is no house without a glass balcony, with the best quality at the most suitable price. We offer you, our valued customers, with prices.

Advantages of Folding Glass Balcony

  • Four seasons possibility
  • Uninterrupted landscape opportunity
  • Iç image block possibility
  • Possibility to clean your balcony from dust and dirt
  • Solution to Insulation
  • Ensuring the safety of your belongings on the balcony in rainy and windy weather