Movable Glass Roof Systems

Movable Glass Roof Systems


Bursa Thermal Insulated Joinery Services


Moving Glass &Cedil;horse Systems? 

Bursa movable glass roof systems what is it? We explain the question in the most detailed way for you. Moving Glass Roof Systems, Terrace, Garden, Cafeteria, Factory, etc. If there is a need for ventilation; It is used safely in all areas where it is needed. With the special glass option used in the movable glass roof system, it provides comfortable use against hot and cold. The load carrying rate of our systems is 10 times higher than the static calculation; It is designed to carry k.

          The movable glass roof system also provides a completely safe winter garden opportunity by making bottom closures with insulated joinery profiles.

Why is Heat Insulated Aluminum Joinery Preferred?

Heat-insulated aluminum joinery is applied in order to benefit more from the thermal insulation of the exterior of buildings, namely buildings. Lightweight and long-lasting It is among the most preferred aluminum types because of its

Heat Insulated Aluminum joinery profiles PVC insulation bridge; It is made into a 3-room system. It should be known here that the joinery plane area is determined according to the project dimensions and it varies. We can also equate the surface dimensions as narrow, medium and wide series. Heat-insulated aluminum joinery is required for door and window systems to be used on building exteriors.


Heat Insulated Aluminum Joinery Features

  • The wind resistance of the Heat Insulated Aluminum Joinery is quite high.
  • Thermal Insulated Aluminum Joinery does not sweat.
  • Thermal Insulated Aluminum Joinery complies with Fire Regulations.
  • Heat Insulated Aluminum Joinery is healthy and environmentally friendly.
  • Heat Insulated Aluminum Joinery is aesthetic.